Jarvis Cocker has amped up for his second release with a collection of lusty songs that rock for the sake of rocking.  Check out the power chords that lead up to Cocker’s whispered “Angela, Angela” on the opening track and his breathless delivery on “Caucasian Blues”, in which the rapier-witted frontman spits out “I’ve heard it said that you are hung like a white man!” in a statement sure to catch your ear, made even more effective with its pregnant pauses.  Cocker is clearly having a blast releasing his inner rock god throughout, especially on the quasi-ridiculous “Fuckingsong”, where he purposefully delves into cocky phrases and clichés like “Turn me up, turn me on”, or the brilliant title track with its amazing put-down in a refrain, “Your life is just a carrier bag”.  There are plenty of Bowiesque quieter moments that manage to hold their own amidst the harder tracks, from the undulating “Hold Still” and revelatory “Leftovers” to the shimmering, Pulpish “Slush” and the fittingly sleazy Studio 54 vibe of finale, “You’re In My Eyes (Discosong)”.  Kudos to Cocker.  The corduroy king is back, bearded and all. (Rough Trade) –Madeline Virbasius-Walsh