After seeing Doves many a time, last night made it evident that the trio, (and unofficial fourth member, keyboardist Martin Rebelski), despite going on a few years’ hiatus, continue to maintain a stronghold on NYC.  Their latest, Kingdom of Rust, was obviously on display and received with vigor from a packed crowd, (a mix of indie fans, Brits and the occasional mainstreamers thrown in for good measure), that shared a common bond in lip synching and flying arms.  Following the usual protocol, Jimi Goodwin and the brothers Williams played musical chairs, swapping lead vocals and even drum duty before the encore, the perfect “There Goes the Fear”.  At one point, Goodwin, obviously warmed by the fans’ thunderous applause, says, “You’re so fuckin’ kind!  We don’t deserve it, really!”

Banter was all around, as Goodwin seemed ever-so-grateful to his New Yorkers, interrupting one of the more solemn songs to joke about having a vodka tonic with the rest of us.  Despite the crowd’s joy upon hearing newest singles, “Jetstream” and “Kingdom of Rust”, what trumped everything were the “oldies”.  “Here It Comes”, “Black and White Town” and “Almost Forgot Myself”, complemented by background videos, (a live Doves tradition at this point), capturing anything from the English countryside to bored city kids and Northern Soul dancing in Wigan, were a definite plus that makes the band’s epic gigs even more special and channels their hearty, Northern English roots.–Andrea D’Alessandro