If the epic, Highlands strings and fiery earnestness of Broken Records’ album opener, “Nearly Home”, doesn’t tug you by the heartstrings, shame on you, dear listener, you haven’t got a heart.  This Edinburgh band has all the makings of a stadium filler, from the gut-wrenching vocals of singer Jamie Sutherland, easily slinking from Springsteen gravel stirrings to soaring Bono trills in a single refrain, to the skilled, grand melodies of a seven-piece that rocks while dabbling with cello, trumpet, martial drums and piano.  Like Scotland’s other fast-rising folk rock band Frightened Rabbit, Broken Records knows how to raise roofs with sonic bursts of emotion that would elate even the most dastardly scrooge. (4AD) –Selina S.

  1. [...] of balance of falsetto notes and quiet, meditative passages. Though the band’s first album, Until the Earth Begins to Part, was over-the-top in its earnestness and epic flourishes in parts, this time, they pulled it back [...]