You can’t deny the irreverent, lyrical prowess of lines like “But Annie if you look away/Well I guess I’ll see ya/Like all rastas are looking for Jah/Or our fibromyalgia” on the title track of this L.A.-based quartet’s latest EP.  Before you brush off Par Avion as Weezer-esque pop tarts, just pay some attention to their nuances and wash away your cares in their smart, summery pop ditties.  Bouncy choruses, wit, charming melodies, bold guitar bits and even a few Nirvana-isms (check out the intro and phrasing on “Art School Dropout”) make this band standout for more than their quirky appeal and clever rhyme schemes.  Glad to discover them.–Cleo

  1. have you noticed how great the band is? they sound like kafka on shrooms, but in a good way