You might think Jack Peñate penned the tracks to Everything Is New while sipping one too many margaritas on a tropical island, amidst the sound of bongos and maracas, but think again.  Recorded in traditionally dreary London with producer Paul Epworth over twelve months, Peñate’s sophomore release is less music for the everyman as his debut Matinee, and rather, an intricate, intoxicating fusion of unlikely genres.  This time around, Peñate has even cultivated a genre all his own-chirpy and fun Tropicalia meets clubby European electro-two contrasting elements accompanied by lyrics that take on levels of both joy and pain, glazed over with beats you can’t help but love. “Tonight’s Today” and “Be The One” are so anthemic they sound as if they were made for sun-drenched summer festivals in Spain, yet something about “Every Glance” has a melancholy that brings the album back down from its high. Perhaps Everything Is New is like the musical equivalent of schizophrenia-it’s magnified happiness and gloom come and go-but overall, Peñate is doing something right and I look forward to his progression as an innovator. (XL Recordings) – Andrea D’Alessandro