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Tickled To Perform: A Saturday at Market Hotel with Electric Tickle Machine, 9.26.09

Electric Tickle Machine, Zoos of Berlin, North Highlands, Dream Diary and Werewolves all played at the Market Hotel this past Saturday. We made the seven lefts and eight rights along the tourist-friendly streets to ascend the staircase behind a deli.

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Various Artists – “Ciao My Shining Star: The Songs of Mark Mulcahy”

Even if Ciao My Shining Star was not a tribute to former Miracle Legion front man Mark Mulcahy in memory of the sudden passing of his wife, the roster alone, and the stand-out tracks within, are something to behold as the most potent “indie” compilation album of 2009.

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Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions – “Through the Devil Softly”

Hope Sandoval has always been a siren of mood rings. Her preternatural, airy soprano is not just the voice of her recordings – it’s the primary instrument and candelabra-holding guide into the paisley, evanescent universe she lives in. Through the Devil Softly, Sandoval’s first work in eight years, is an aural opium den…

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La Roux – “La Roux”

At first, I was worried that the great synth hope of 2009 known as superstar British duo La Roux was shooting past my head, with a gust powerful enough to erect me the same shocking red hair-do as 21-year-old frontwoman Elly Jackson. It was her voice, you see, on album opener “In For The Kill” that puzzled me the most.

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A Place To Bury Strangers: Sweet Melodies of the Ear-Shattering Kind

The term “ear-splitting shoegaze” may seem a sly oxymoron, but Brooklyn’s A Place To Bury Strangers have never denied there is some truth to that accolade, as well as the one deeming them “New York’s loudest band.” Their own moniker, “Total Sonic Annihilation”, prominently displayed on their MySpace page, confirms they’re proud of their dangerous decibels…

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The Energy and Absurdity of Wolfmother

Andrew Stockdale — as wild-haired and blissed out as the hard-rocking Wolfmother frontman might be — is quite a pickle of an interview subject. I have a million questions for him about the band’s brilliantly volcanic new record, Cosmic Egg, but I can’t get to them, because we can’t stop laughing.

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Chemistry and Conditions: Here Comes the Temper Trap

Whether having a memorable song during a high point in the sleeper hit rom-com (500) Days of Summer will trigger the Garden State effect for Australia’s Temper Trap and current hit “Sweet Disposition” as it did for The Shins in 2004 remains to be seen. But for the four tireless guys who moved across the world earlier this year to better position themselves for stardom, finally seeing their warm, anthemic and critically lauded debut record, Conditions, get released worldwide is their raison d’être.

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Kings of Convenience: It All Depends

Nothing suits talking to the Kings of Convenience (aka Erlend Øye and Eirik Glambek Bøe) more than sitting in a cozy room on a rainy Friday. As I enter, I am greeted by Bøe twinkling the piano setting the relaxing tone for our chat. The room is stocked with honey and yogurt to heal Øye’s cold. Understandably, it’s been a tiring week for the duo in New York…

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Double the Love With Air

Talking to Air is just as relaxing as listening to their music. I chatted with les hommes at Astralwerks HQ and it was clear that the calm and effortlessly cool manner of a band who classify their sound as “continental” couldn’t be more spot on.

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Mercedes-Benz New York City Fashion Week, September 2009: One Madman’s Musings After a First Time in the Tents

The past week I was tardy because it was Fashion Week, the week before it was Rock Week, the one before I got a girlfriend, and the one prior I joined Tau Zeta Kappa. The models outside of the shows have all been posing, for me I thought, until I realized that they in fact were not and instead were flashing their tights for middle-aged photographers, though not from the middle ages, and these girls/photogs were too professional to be of an age.

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