Jack Peñate was a ball of energy as he wriggled and shaked through his action-packed set, all whizzing by too quickly.  Flanked by an über-professional backing band, he was in top form, playing his second sold-out gig of the week to promote Everything Is New, just released in August. Peñate was met with a warm reception from the crowd, who couldn’t help but be overtaken by his infectious, calypso-meets-indie, disco rhythms.

The band erupted into “Everything Is New” which started the night off perfectly, then dove into “Every Glance” to slow the pace down, only to charge it back up with “Let’s All Die”.  Jack’s banter was pure hilarity as he commented on his own rigorous, sweaty dancing and being a “Brit abroad in New York, partying til 8 am.” It was clear that Penate’s been enjoying himself and the album’s positive reception Stateside, a definite cause for celebration.  The night came to a close with ultimate floor-fillers “Tonight’s Today” and “Be The One”, which brought the party to a fiery close.–Andrea D’Alessandro