It’s been a long time since I’ve championed a band as much as I do The Rifles.  Bands have come and gone, but few have managed to strike a chord that will last.  East London-based Rifles have managed to win the hearts of their countrymen and are finally storming the States on their second jaunt.  Having supported the almighty Paul Weller last year, it’s been clear that Joel Stoker and his band of merry men were off to a sprightly start. Officially knighted into a long line of British rock royalty (the Oasis and Jam references are spot on), Rifles are holding down the fort, ensuring British rock is right where it should be.

A mix of Brits and Anglophiles crowded Mercury Lounge during their first of a two-night stint at the venue.  Sing-alongs ensued to both albums, and 2006’s No Love Lost and 2009’s The Great Escape were met with equal fervor.  It’s a blur to mention every song performed, as Stoker and co. devoted an equal amount of love to each album in their almost hour-long set.  “The Great Escape”, “Local Boy”, “When I’m Alone” and”She’s Got Standards” can only name a few of their insanely catchy ditties.–Andrea D’Alessandro