At first, I was worried that the great synth hope of 2009 known as superstar British duo La Roux was shooting past my head, with a gust powerful enough to erect me the same shocking red hair-do as 21-year-old frontwoman Elly Jackson. It was her voice, you see, on album opener “In For The Kill” that puzzled me the most. With such a stricking falsetto, it was hard to clamp down and enjoy, without clamping down on my ears first. But then I realized, the affect Jackson employs on “Kill” isn’t, thankfully, La Roux’s pièce de résistance, but rather the blips, bleeps and bloops and glittery glam electro-pop that she and partner Ben Langmaid have charmingly unleashed on the dancefloor to great success in their native U.K. With all the spunk of a young Annie Lennox (circa Eurythmics) and Lily Allen with a dash of Santigold, Jackson is a brash, bold welcome spark of disco sass and London street spirit. Look no further than the irresistible flash and groove of “Bulletproof,” “Quicksand,” “Colourless Colour,” “Reflections are Protection” and “I’m Not Your Toy” for a hot piece of modern love and sweet dreams. (Cherrytree Records) –Carrie Alison

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