It’s hard to write an Air review without sounding seemingly samey. Yes, their “light Continental electronica” never gets tiring, but the work that went into producing this gem (their fifth gem, to be precise) speaks for itself. Weed out the twinkling ivories, dreamy synth, cinematic splendor and lush vocals and transport yourself to Atlas Studio in leafy Paris. A cathedral of sound where the duo can tweak and critique every element omitted within their four walls. Most importantly, it is their own studio responsible for creating Love 2, which gave Jean-Benoit Dunckel and Nicolas Godin the opportunity to record and produce this album on their own for the first time. Love 2 represents the idea of regenerating and starting over, as it is an homage to the notion that love is an ongoing experience that can always be renewed. The positivity of this ideal peaks on singles “Do The Joy” and “Sing Sang Sung.” After coming off the cloud of listening to this 12-track delight, it’s clear that each Air recording is like one love story after the other. (Astralwerks) –Andrea D’Alessandro