The M pour/for Montreal Night at Arlene’s Grocery showcased bands from Montreal, playing a packed house at Arlene’s Grocery.  Included were We Are Wolves, Malajube and the fiery Duchess Says.

Though I came in midway through We Are Wolves and couldn’t get close enough to the stage so see all they had going on, they were captivating enough to make me want to see them again, which is always a good sign.  Their songs are very spunky, hard-driving electro-rock, reminiscent of Devo, but with lyrics sung in French.


The mellower, eclectic sounds of Malajube, one of Montreal’s more well-known acts, featured lush, melodic indie-rock and hits like the poetic “Hérésie.”  They, too, must be proud to be French-Canadian, since their lyrics are exclusively in French.


Duchess Says, the final act of the night, have a hard-driving, electro-punk beat, which the band describes as “moog rock”, with influences ranging from no wave, new wave and punk.  Lead singer Annie-Claude [pictured as header] is quite an intense performer, with an arsenal of tricks up her sleeve.  She gave fans everything from orchestrated moves on the stage to jumping on the bar and moshing with the audience, all done without missing a note, (not to mention the beer flinging–I got hit twice!).

It was quite a thrilling show, and the audience, ever enthralled, were bouncing and moshing right along.  At the end I heard someone in the crowd say, “this is one show I will never forget.” I’m sure I won’t either!--Words and photos by Teresa Sampson