The Thursday line-up at Le Poisson Rouge included four great, very different bands.

First on the bill was Choir of Young Believers, a four-piece from Denmark, on their first US tour.  Their set was a blend of beautiful folksy, orchestral pop, complete with cello.


Next up was Chicago-based, Australian singer-songwriter Via Tania, whose Moon Sweet Moon was just released this week.  The multi-instrumentalist performer (guitars and keyboards), Tania Bowers, was accompanied by a drummer on stage and performed a set of dreamy indie-pop songs, some with elements of trip-hop.

Third in the line-up was Mi-gu, avant-garde art rock from Tokyo.  The band, drummer/vocalist Yuko Araki and guitarist Hirotaka Shimizu (Shimmy). performed most of their set as a duo but were joined by surprise guest Sean Lennon on bass for the last two songs.  Yuko’s soft vocals, often in a poetic, spoken word style, are in stark contrast to her powerful, precise drumming.  Artists she has toured with include Cornelius and Mike Watt.


The perfect nightcap was Los Angeles band Warpaint, who rocked!  With a sound that recalls post-punk, shoegaze, and psychedelia, the band’s songs have haunting guitar riffs and entrancing vocals.  Their excellent debut EP, Exquisite Corpse, originally self-released earlier in the year, has just been re-released by Manimal Vinyl.


Warpaint, who’ve opened for The Black Heart Procession and others, gave a stellar performance and were joined onstage by dancing pandas (really!) for the last couple of songs, including the very catchy “Krimson”.

Export Music Sweden Showcase at Norwood Club

Normally a private club, The Norwood Club is somewhat an unlikely venue for a CMJ gig, but it’s exactly where the Export Music Sweden Showcase was held. The club’s townhouse setting made for a very intimate performance space.  The event, sponsored by the Swedish Consulate, included performances by Moonbabies, Francis, Jaw Lesson and Sophia Talvik.


I missed the first acts but got there just in time to catch a DJ set and rap performance by Swedish progressive hip-hop artist Adam Tensta. With Euro-style club beats (more techno and electro grooves) and positive rhymes (in English), Tensta, a popular and award-winning artist at home, had the room boogieing down.  Of course, the crowd had a heavy Swedish contingency!  Even with missing the first fine acts on the bill, Tensta’s upbeat set of infectious dance tunes made the trip worthwhile. –Words and photos by Teresa Sampson

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