Ah, the festival curse: never enough time to fit in every must see band. After multiple failed attempts, I finally caught up with Moonbabies for their final CMJ week show. This one happened to fall late on Friday (in actuality, very early Saturday) at On The Side @ Seaport, a new gallery and performance space by those who run the South Street Seaport summer shows.

Moonbabies are Swedish duo Ola Frick (vocals and guitar) and Carina Johansson (vocals and keyboards), who both currently reside in Berlin, and whose live line-up includes a drummer and an additional guitarist. While trading off on lead vocals, the duo also harmonize beautifully. Their atmospheric, indie pop songs feature lush guitar arrangements and synths, and at times elements of electro-pop, and range from mellow and melancholic to quirky and upbeat.

In spite of getting off to a late start (after 1am) and some early sound problems, the group looked like they were ready for a party. They put on a lively performance, and lucky for me, one well worth the trek to the seaport in the pouring rain.–Teresa Sampson