Misery loves company, so they say.  A few days before Halloween, come and dance like a Londoner, or at least those who like to indulge their more introspective side. Feeling Gloomy, one of Britain’s (and the world’s) premier dance nights is coming to Glasslands in Williamsburg for its first monthly party on Thursday, October 29th.

To help usher in its 4th year, Feeling Gloomy pops over the pond to start its monthly night and bring the best doleful ditties to America! Leonard and Cliff spin melancholy belters, including tunes from the likes of David Bowie, The Smiths, The Pixies, The Jam, Scissor Sisters, Joy Division, The Cure, The Clash, Barry Manilow,
Nirvana, Abba, Jacques Brel, Dr. Hook, Glasvegas, The Specials, Kate
Bush…and many more.  The party’s London nights have had guest djs from Brett Anderson to Jarvis Cocker, so you never know who may show up to its first incarnation in Brooklyn.

29th October. Times: 9pm- 4am

The Glasslands, 289 Kent Ave, between S 1st St and S 2nd St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

For more info:

Advance tickets from

Tickets: $4.50 Adv plus booking fee, $6 door

The Story…

Lost your job? Split up with your partner? Fed up with the recession? Car
died? Then we may just have the club for you!

Launching on Thursday 29th October, Feeling Gloomy will bring a bit of the
British doom and Gloom to the land of the free. So what to expect? Well
don’t expect any songs with happy lyrics for a start! Every song played at
Feeling Gloomy will have words of underlying sorrow. That’s not to say
they won’t be stompers and you can’t spin about the dance floor, far from
it. The crowds that attend the night in London are renowned for dancing
until they almost drop.

It all started when promoter Carl Hill was sacked from his job running an
awful London club. As Carl relays it, “I was lying on my bed reflecting
and it all looked a bit bleak. I had no job, no girlfriend and to cap it
all I was about to turn 30. I just thought, ‘What’s the bloody point?’.”
Then ‘There Is A Light’ by The Smiths came on the radio and he had a Road
to Damascus (Or a road to Birmingham) moment. “There is a line about being
killed by a double decker bus and it really made me laugh. From there I
thought about the healing power of sad music and how you could harness
that into a club night”.

Roping in his mate Mike Toller, the intrepid two started the night in the
form of alter egos ‘Len and Cliff’ (Two lads who like trains and still
live at home with their mothers) and were shocked by its success. As Mike
says, “People literally went mad for it so we thought, right what can we
do next?” Well first off was go weekly, secondly do as many silly things
as you can- like serving tea and sandwiches, have your mum’s guest DJ,
invent the world’s first indie air guitar band (‘The Miserablists’) and
invite all your heroes like Jarvis Cocker and Brett Anderson down to spin
their fave tunes of misery.

Feeling Gloomy travels to New York as part of its 4th birthday
celebrations and this night heralds the start of a new regular set of
nights in the Big Apple. As Mike says, “We are really, really excited that
Feeling Gloomy is coming to the US, after all Britain is the home of doom
and gloom and it’s probably the one thing we can still export, just look
at how well Morrissey goes down in Mexico! Also, we have been planning
coming to New York almost since we started and have turned down a few
offers until we got the right person to ensure the Gloomy legacy. It’s in
a safe pair of hands and we expect it to be every bit as fun as the UK

So New York, are you ready to get down to some hardcore gloom? After all,
misery loves company….