Fashion should never feel dated, as they say, so why not take the best of vintage fashion and re-contextualize it, while combining it with narrative, pop culture themes and works of contemporary art?

This exhibition, “In Praise of Costume, The Garment as Sculpture”, features a premiere collective of like-minded New York-based artists, designers and photographers offering a series of commissioned works which deal with the “problematic nature of engaging popular culture and the evanescence of fashion.” Since the artists included work in a variety of media, it makes sense that the show will delve into various ideas about mass, texture, silhouette, and narrative. Artists include:

Samuel Jon Bridgman
Nadav Benjamin
Carissa Pelleteri
Ryan Michael Kelly
Peter Halasz
Cricket Alexander

gallery & showroom

Dates:                         TUESDAY, November 2 – 13, 2009
Hours:                         TUESDAY – SUNDAY 11:30 am – 5:30 pm
{ by appointment only }


Et Derivé
240 broadway, suite 204
brooklyn, ny 11211

For info or gallery appts., please contact Sara Bridgman at