I’ve made a hearty racket around my friends over Wolfmother’s new record, Cosmic Egg. They’re all quite aware of my obsession with ’70s psychedelic and classic rock, and ’80s hair bands and cock rock. It’s where I come from, and nothing Animal Collective puts out will even remotely scratch the itch like Boston’s “More Than a Feeling,” or early Guns N’ Roses, Led Zeppelin and the Doors. Not to say it has to be an exclusive/either-or situation for me and indie twee, but when pressed, I’m going to turn it up every time versus ever so gently powering down.

So it’s not a stretch for me to say that Andrew Stockdale’s crazy-train banshee yowl, melodramatic, yet thunderous guitar, overstated preening and posing really   in kid-friendly terms  gets my blood pumping. My childhood diet and tour of the psychedelics (again, The Doors) puts Wolfmother in “this feels like home” territory. I love the ridiculousness. I love the fervor by which he lifts the guitar over his head as if he’s Jimmy Page’s replacement/placeholder. I love the Rockette-esque high kicks as if the lanky Aussie is channeling David Lee Roth circa 1984. I don’t care about chatter and overbearing discussions on whether or not it’s a worthy (or genuine) throwback. I don’t need Stockdale to thank Ozzy over Jesus for his success or repent for bombastic excess; none of that matters. What does matter is that Cosmic Egg, its talk of “kingdoms of the sun” and Wolfmother, does it for me right now, today, November 2009. And judging by the reaction of the rebooted band’s fang-bearing, rabid wolfen fans last night at Terminal 5, they’re all pot committed with me. Good.

Though Wolfmother omitted major lasers from their stage show, they got the lead out expertly with ace renditions of several top Cosmic Egg tracks, “California Queen,” which incited the beginning of the scary, teeming mob at Stockdale’s feet; a nad-pumping take on current single “New Moon Rising” and ferocious performances of “White Feather” and “Sundial.” The latter of which was especially bruising in a way that leads me to believe the heavily young-skewed crowd will indeed be searching for it on Guitar Hero once their papers are finished.

Grammy-winning single “Woman” off of 2006’s Wolfmother was augmented with an extended jam, and “White Unicorn” was suitably trippy; again the crowd ate it up, moshing, kicking each other in the head (even girls) as Stockdale and co. riled them up something wicked. The jovial singer chose not to speak much during the show, aside from the standard foreign visitor salutation of “Hello New York, we love you!” but did share an anecdote from early in the day. So the story goes, as Stockdale arrived at the venue for soundcheck, he was asked by a Terminal 5 employee if he “was the talent,” to which he claims to have replied, “Yes, I’m very talented.”

Bono-like megalomania aside, be it feigned or in jest, Stockdale and Wolfmother 2.0 and their Superrock spaceship have landed, and they’ve brought a shiny, rip-roaring Cosmic Egg with them. Yoga pose or not, Black Sabbath influence or cribbage, who the hell cares when it’s this much fun?

The newno2 and Heartless Bastards opened. –Carrie Alison, Photo by Danny Clinch