French electro duo Kap Bambino rocked the house at The Studio at Webster Hall Saturday night.

With her punk fashion sense on full display, singer Caroline Martial charged onstage wearing a 2Pac T-shirt over a dainty floral print dress with a short leather jacket and ripped tights. The jacket was off after the first two songs, and T-shirt a few later, as she ignited the room, dancing madly while singing and shouting in very French-accented English.


With many cool moves in her arsenal, from whirling dervish to air guitar strumming and punk antics – including pouring beer over her head, Martial was electrifying, appearing at times to be in a trance. The pace of her dancing was just as frenetic as the music — fast, hard-driving beats paired with wicked synths, at times recalling Devo and the Sex Pistols. Beatmaster Orion Bouvier was equally intense behind the synth deck.


Songs included “Batcaves” and “Red Sign,” both from the new album Blacklist, due for release in early 2010 (an earlier version of it is currently available as a digital download on iTunes). The show ended with “Bluescreen,” which got faster and faster before abruptly ending, with Martial’s dancing keeping up the pace.

Sleigh Bells


The warm-up act for the night was, fittingly, Brooklyn-based band, Sleigh Bells. Also a duo – Alexis Krauss and Derek Miller — the band offered up catchy songs with bold, electronic hip-hop beats, a heavy, vibrating bass and some rocking guitar with Krauss’ sassy vocals. In an audience that included headbangers (at least one wearing a Metallica T-shirt) with lots of pumping fists in the air, there were some very enthusiastic fans, a few who were literally screaming out the lyrics on “Infinity Guitars” and “Ring Ring,” much to the delight of this fast-rising pair.

–Teresa Sampson, Photos by Tear-n Tan

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