Buzzworthy Sherlock’s Daughter scored a residency at Piano’s only a few weeks after arriving in New York from Sydney, Australia. On their second night at the Lower East Side venue, the band charmed the audience with their chic style, onstage playfulness and quirky set of electro-tinged, mystical, indie-pop songs.

With hints of 1960′s and 1990′s-tinged dream pop, and influences from Animal Collective to David Bowie, Sherlock’s songs often start out mellow, only to crescendo to a climatic ending, with full-on guitar and tribal drums. Lead singer Tanya Horo’s delicate vocals added an ethereal feel, yet build when joined with group harmonies and intriguing Native American percussive flourishes.

Opening with “In The End”, Sherlock’s Daughter performed most of the songs from their self-titled debut EP, released in September, along with a few new tunes. Included was the hauntingly beautiful, lullaby-like “Hush Little Baby”, and “Sons and Daughters”, which Tanya described as “a little bit country.” The band ended the set with “Song for Old People”, which started with handclaps and included an onslaught of mixed percussion, and had the striking Tanya showing off her best dance moves.  The five band members, mostly multi-instrumentalists, change instruments from one song to the next with ease.


An impressive live act, Sherlock’s Daughter will have the final night of their Piano’s residency on Wednesday, November 25. Highly recommended!--Teresa Sampson/photos by Tear-n Tan