Submarine Bells just solved your crime, made you a donut and cleaned out your consciousness: I feel strongly enough about this band that even though we have covered them before, that’s rarely a crime, I want to bring them up to your attention again. I’ve seen about six shows and with each one something important had been been added, cue the numbers. No, actually, play the song first. Just hit play on the button that is next to these words. A little tender play. Not doing any auto-erotic asphixiplaying here. This is really* the first time this track makes it out into the public realm.

Submarine-Bells-Owen-Scott-and-Scott-Irvine1. Voice of one Owen McCarthy quivers up and down lyrically; women tend to throw their bodies at the stage.

2. The second guitar of Scott Irvine** was added and we have the tumbling, dark-tinged melodies to quiver alongside.

3. A drummer, John Melville, is added. Buddah! This is a band.

4. A bassist adds hooks, inflections and personality in the poetry that silences everyone who kept saying “oh they are just like the Walkmen”. This is  Eric Odness, who did a few duets with Owen in near perfect harmony expanding on the Siren comparison we’ve already noted earlier. Particularly pertinent since he himself is a crab and seems as much of a front as those women who sung to ensnare any rabid sailor into servitude.

5. They make skinny jeans cool again; and their song is played at a marriage of a couple rubbing their backs against the window panes.

6. Played six songs last Sunday at Mercury Lounge to an uproarious audience.

What is next?

I’m not necessarily saying that there is something inherently new here, this isn’t a performance by Squarepusher in 1991, but there is every bit of unique in them to make me get an ecstatic smile and to want to hear more and more of their songs. Up next for them are just bigger stages, perhaps a couple of dancers who personify the style of music when the musicians feel comfortable enough to share the spotlight and a hell of a lot more fans. Hopefully a couple of real money gigs, TV things,  the stuff that people used to, fucking sell outs, rant against but these are the things I’d love to happen. I too sometimes watch the telly and there’s the good and the bad and I’d much prefer to hear top talent get play.

Also, they are going to get a lot of play.

No set calendar for the upcoming dates yet, but I will update and do the same ring, ding thing when some dates are announced.

*The band has a myspace, where this track can also be heard,  I think the one we have is better mastered, and also since this is an actual publication I think it’s still the first time that this track is being made public. Whatever. Fall in love.

**Full disclosure: Scott takes great photographs that we often use in this magazine. If his band sucked I would mention that he should stick to photography instead, so I don’t see any conflict.


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