The Kitsuné Maison compilations are akin to tidy time capsules of international dancefloor passion, blessed with some songs which stand out and others you may rather forget, but always mind-opening and rarely drab. Leave it to the French to bring style and surprise to our ears on such a regular basis.  Kitsuné’s 8th in the series, just out via download, is part of the “chic and nice issue”, and is startlingly better than the last comp they’d released. Opening with French Horn Rebellion’s “Up All Night”, a blissful pop tune of sugary blip and flowing into The Drums’ persistently retro and energetic “Let’s Go Surfing”, I feel like a teenager all over again. Other highlights include “This New Technology”, the newest wow single from Australia’s electro, genre-sweeping wizards, Midnight Juggernauts, Heartsrevolution (always a steadfast act for Kitsuné) with “Dance Till Dawn”, and the edgily addictive and absurdly repetitive “I Love London” by Crystal Fighters. Light up your iPod with this and have a veritable 24/7 party in your pocket. Kitsuné has gathered an international glam team of rebellious groovers to sway you into the new year.–MVW