West London’s The Big Pink lived up to their wall of sound moniker, taking a live fast/die young approach to the epic power of love as it translates into live, looped out, shoegazery synth-verging-on noise rock. They took on downtown NYC, playing a short and sweet, though brutally explosive set to a sold-out room, with hardly a moment of silence or second for breath between songs. Brilliant, moody segues and no dead air is always a way to keep your audience on their toes. The live staging of their songs, in all their guitar attack, hair swirling glory, was a dramatic step up, showcasing all the nuances of their epic, debut album, A Brief History of Love.

From their petite and fiery female drummer Akiko Matsuura, to the long and lanky bassist, to the unstoppable duo of singer/guitarist Robbie Furze and co-founder/keyboardist Milo Cordell, The Big Pink as an delay-driven, synth/orchestral live force have the power of a tightly-wound, melodic score for love’s apocalypse, as if the end of days is being rendered as an unraveling mesh of last romances and blissed-out memories. When Furze announces the last song and the first notes of their anthemic hit “Dominos” kick in, the crowd seems momentarily stunned that the set’s already come to an end, but they are on their feet and singing along without further pause. If this was a stadium rather than Bowery Ballroom, you know there would have been lighters raised too.–MVW