When Jón “Jónsi” Thor Birgisson of Sigur Rós announces that the solo project he’s been working on “…just sort of exploded,” it’s hard not to sit up at full attention. But that’s just what happened during the recording sessions for Go, which was originally slated to be “a low-key, acoustic album.” What Jónsi ended up with, if the shiver-inducing, utterly magical, (English-language!) “Boy Lilikoi” is any indication, is yet another jewel in his already highly praised crown.

Co-produced by Jónsi, his Riceboy Sleeps partner Alex Somers and Peter Katis, and recorded in Connecticut and Iceland, Go was wholly arranged by famed composer Nico Muhly, who augmented the recordings with “strings, brass and woodwind” along with his work at the piano. Above of it all though, hovers Jónsi’s bewitching, alarmingly beautiful voice, clear as crystal, warm as molasses and a galaxy all its own.

Go is out March 23rd, 2010 via XL Recordings. A lengthy world tour in support of Go is set for 2010.

Go track listing in full:
Go Do
Animal Arithmetic
Boy Lilikoi
Sinking Friendships
Grow Till Tall
Around Us