Melissa Auf der Maur has announced additional details about her forthcoming second solo record, Out of Our Minds. Boasting multiple in-demand producers and remixers at its helm such as Jordon Zadorozny, Alan Moulder, Chris Goss and Mike Frazer, and recorded in Canada, New York and California of the course of three years, the 12-song effort will release on March 23rd 2010. Fans of MAdM and Glenn Danzig will especially delight in their pairing on the unshockingly named “Father’s Grave.”

The compelling and beautifully eerie Tony Stone-directed, 28-minute HD film included with the album, “conceived” by and starring MAdM, which finds her “on a mysterious journey into the woods after her car crashes,” can now be viewed at her official website and The noir-esque film is meant to be the visual representation of the album and “pinnacle” of Auf der Maur’s multimedia project of the same name.

For those not familiar with Auf der Maur’s tireless development of her OOOM project, she describes its genesis as follows on her website: “OUT OF OUR MINDS | OOOM began as a song. It was the early stages of making this second solo album. I was in French Kiss Studios working with my solid CANADIAN collaborators. The song introduced itself as songs do, and the heart of the album was born: “Travel Out Of Our Minds, Into Our Hearts Standing By.” It was mid first decade of the 21st Century and technology had just begun to dismantle the music business towers. It was the best thing that could’ve ever happened to me. The landscape changed and I began to morph my roots in visual arts with the music. The many portals of OOOM invite listeners and viewers to discover on their own, at their own pace and in their own space.”