“I’m a very good dancer… I took ballroom dancing lessons as a kid.  I was a romantic little kid.  I even tried to seduce my own mother.”  If Adam Green ever decides to give up his day job as musician, he just might make a killing in stand-up.

On Saturday night, Green was in rare form, nearly bringing down the walls of “The Gramercy” (as he kept jokingly calling the venue), with a full-tilt, unbridled punk rock show that kept fans constantly guessing what he’d pull out of his sleeve next.  He shared his mic with the teenage girl set, letting one lucky little lady bravely attempt to belt out “Carolina” a capella.  Almost every other minute following, he was to be found in the midst of the main floor, surfing the sea of fans, flared 70′s jeans flapping.  His studded leather jacket proved the perfect armor for his slew of stage dives and daring dance moves, limbs flailing as he charged on with hits like “Drugs”, “Morning After Midnight”, “Dance With Me”, “Jessica Simpson”, “Broadcast Beach” and new doozies from the upcoming Minor Love, like “What Makes Him Act So Bad”.

Though Green’s balls-out antics conjured the showiest of frontmen, from Elvis to Johnny Lydon, he wasn’t too rock and roll to forget his manners, not only introducing his fine, heavy band, but thanking his fans for being so fun, since as he reminded the crowd, “sixty percent of a show is about you!”–Madeline Virbasius