We’ve missed that force-of-nature known as Annie Hardy. It’s been a little less than five years since the release of Giant Drag’s last full-length effort, Hearts & Unicorns, and the wait has been a sweaty one. Possessing Hardy and co-hort Micah Calabrese’s “trademark cacophony of whirling, dirty guitar melodies and snarling yet sultry vocals,” Swan Song (out February 16 on Roar Scratch) is a fantastically wrenching four-song EP to tide us over until the release of Giant Drag’s early anticipated (and currently in-progress) sophomore effort due sometime “later this year.”

Be sure to check out the goopy and disturbing, confetti-laden video for lead single “Stuff to Live For” right here.

Swan Song EP track listing:
1. Swan Song
2. Stuff To Live For
3. White Baby
4. Heart Carl