More dark than dawn, Bang for Changes, the latest EP from Brooklyn quintet Zambri, is exactly how I imagined The xx sounded before reality sunk in and I yearned for something less blippy and subtle, and more ragged and primal. Teetering in scuffed-up boots and ripped stockings at the sweet spot between Blitz-era Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Bat for Lashes and Liz Phair, Bang for Changes positions the captivating synth-loving sisters — Jessica and Cristi Jo — as the perfect alternative to those not yet obsessed by Lady Gaga and La Roux. Just one taste of the mighty and hypnotic power spell of the gorgeously uneasy heartache of “W/ Somebody,” and “Let it Said,” or the addictive electro-tease of “All Electric,” and “Easier,” will leave you breathless for their upcoming full-length release. Until then, soak it in and keep a cold shower nearby. (Self released/digital) –Carrie Alison

  1. [...] in doing remix work? I don’t really do remixes; I did one, but I don’t think it was used. The Zambri girls (Cristi Jo and Jessica Zambri) did a really good job of remixing our song “Eleanor [...]

  2. [...] in the U.S.). “Eleanor Speaks” gets even trippier with a distortion-heavy dub treatment from Zambri, while the Depreciation Guild puts an equally spacey dream-pop/shoegaze spin on “Internet [...]

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  5. [...] I laid eyes on their wonderfully weird video for “W/ Somebody” off of February’s Bang for Changes EP, it’s been love at first fuzz for me with New York’s dark synth-loving sisters [...]