It’s not so much talent but a clever play on words, combined with charisma and NYC smarts, such as  Richard Hell had in the 70′s, all played to the simple percussion combined with Casio and guitars on “Castles and Tassles”.  That song’s true Adam Green… reinvented, or grown into a man with true singer/songwriter talents, for 2010.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love the best lyrics and phraseology of Green, such as exhibited throughout the album, combining the wit of a gritty Wildean/Brechtian/Dylanian folk singer with the nuances of a guy schooled in what makes hipsters (girls with dads who have money at least), tick.   I’m stuck on it and I’m into it, with phrases, like “honor but honest… flatulent assholes, I love you”… this guy’s simply got a way with words and melodies.  He’s funny and street-wise too.  This album’s one of his best, and it’s not just this “C&T” song that stands out.  Please do look further than his Juno soundtrack sidetrack.– (Fat Possum) Madeline Virbasius