Central Park

Well, we might only thaw out by May, but probably won’t see the same white crystals this year. Some events here are inspired by gloomy Russians in keeping with the snowy theme, others include hot shows with musicians we like, so, page views also, they are good shit to begin with, and to top it off, two huge flea markets of all art that is modern to fit in a warehouse.

Photo: Francesco Gallarotti from GreenTeaGallery.net captures a bubble still intact.

  • 03/05/10 – ongoing
    William Kentridge directs “The Nose”, a Shotakovich opera based on a story by a Ivan Gogol. The opening is on March 5th at the Metropolitan Opera. I watched his previous film series (9 Drawings for Projection) in the summer rain in Central Park. His work to me has the emotional punch between a Chopin nocturne and hearing a soprano opera singer practice notes while walking back home after a first date that ended with a sensual kiss. The Met setting is more austere but the sound and the visuals will take you away from all of the “regular” surroundings. 03/05/10 – ongoing, $ vary but there’s standing room at the Metropolitan Opera.
  • 03/03/10
    Efterklang, Daniel Bjarnason, Sam Amidon at Le Poisson Rouge – $12
  • 03/03/10
    Dead Stars, The Hidden Ratio, Submarine Bells at Union Pool – TBA (not that much, probably around $10)
  • 03/05/10 – 03/07/10 the one two punch of the Armory Show and Pulse Fair
    The Armory is at its regular location 12th Avenue at 55th st – $30 and
    Pulse is at a new warehouse location 330 West St. – $20
  • The Fountain Art Fair, considered the edgy, “fiercely independent” leader of all the art fairs on this week, has the bands Adult and Deprecation Guild playing this Friday night, March 4th at its opening reception.  Friday 7pm – midnight, Sat and Sunday 11am – 7pm. In the Frying Pan ship (Pier 66 at 26th St. in Hudson River Park)  – $10 (weekend pass)
  • 03/05/10
    Joseph Arthur, The White Buffalo at City Winery – $15, Joseph Arthur I know to be very entertaining live.

There’s that, time to get on going, the excuses are running thin.

  1. For the true origination, source, and aetiology of Kentridge’s forthcoming direction of Shostakovich “The Nose” at Met Opera NYC 2010, (among much other work), see Jennifer Arlene Stone “Freud Futures” on “Kentridge” App on iTunes
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    New York NY


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