Salvation - Static Static Static Static, an L.A-based band, has been known to get a great rise out of people at their shows. They’ve been prolific over the last ten years and now their fan base is giving back in raising money for their defense.

The alleged crime, and note, this story is about alleged crime and insinuated punishment, is possession of a controlled substance namely, cocaine. Cocaine hasĀ  been known to allegedly inspire late night, definitely jazz lyrics (“there’s no inspiration at the bottom of a pyramid of cocaine”) and to appear in peppers. This substance is alleged to get the most vocal outcry from DEA and other narcotic bureaus, however the details of this arrest are still shrouded in a cloud of paper.

Secret Project Robot held a charity benefit on Saturday night to help raise funds for the defense team for Heather and John Henry, the members of Static Static who were arrested. By various accounts, on one night in Brooklyn, between $3000 to a little over $3600 was raised, and this is good news. Everyone deserves a fair trial, and those without inherent funds deserve one almost more because it sucks to be pronounced guilty because of an undue process.

Secret Project had previously hosted Static Static and the crowd turnout shows it; visit their myspace page for more direct support and information about the band. If you know anything about this case that should make the press pages email us, don’t post any details in the comments as this is a sensitive case (I will be monitoring you unlawful pagans).

  1. A half a lb of coke (allegedly) is WAY more than inspiration. These tards should have stuck to music.


    zabatay Reply:

    Hey Murph,
    I’ve heard this “half pound” rumour a bunch of times, but it doesn’t have a source, just talk. I checked some Arizona laws and *if* it was something like a half a pound then federal agents would have been involved. There’s not a lot of new updates on the case, but I still think they were arrested under the “lookin’ weird” law and I don’t see any drug evidence yet.


  2. Zabatay, you are incredibly misinformed. You don’t face the kind of charges that they are for “looking weird”. They were definitely traveling with something close to that weight. There are no updates on the case, nor any explanations of the crime, because what they did was waaaaaay stupid. Sad to see anyone in jail (especially Arizona) but they seriously FUCKED UP.