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She & Him Premiere New Video, Announce Tour Dates

Lovely, breezy, sunny — frequent ways to describe Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward, the duo behind She & Him. Ahead of the release of Volume Two on March 23rd (Merge), the Peyton Reed-video for lead single “In the Sun” premiered today on Pitchfork.

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Screaming Females Begin Fourth LP, Set to Tour with Ted Leo

Once you’ve seen the way of Marissa Paternoster, it’s hard to forget her. The mop of hair, the feminine dresses,…the face-melting shredding that erupts off of her fingers on the frets, and your expression afterward when your jaw meets the floor.

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Events This Week Mah Dear

Events, they are place-times where you meet with your friends and make fun of other people who look like too much or not enough, sometimes you start a really important conversation about something and the band suddenly goes on and you have to keep your thoughts inside because your friends are now paying attention to whatever is on the stage and making eyes, so you keep it inside and actually think out the rest of the conversation as you think it should happen and what you should’ve / not done. By the time the lights go on or you exit the art party and your friend turns to ask what it is you were saying earlier (if they are nice), you feel so sublime at having everything figured out already that you just mention about a cool place to get some whiskey, hot chocolate or mojitos and all of you spend the rest of the night laughing at things you did or will do. So let’s get to it…

9 Mar 2010 | More

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – ‘Beat the Devil’s Tattoo’

Imagine if a harmonica-toting Dean Moriarty had a fetish for David Lynch and dug dirty-blues fuzz rock and you’ve got the sixth album by California trio Black Rebel Motorcycle Club in a nutshell.

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Whitney Biennial 2010: Is It Worth Your Time?

The mission of the 2010 Whitney Biennial reads like no other in the past: “To underscore the idea of time as an element of the Biennial and to demonstrate the influence of the past on 2010, familiar and less well-known artists from previous exhibitions are brought together in Collecting Biennials…” Where I come from people call that a retrospective, however, at the Whitney, the curators Francesco Bonami and Gary Carrion-Murayari had a larger framework in mind, the one of time itself, what it means in art (“Even Mona Lisa is falling apart”) and more importantly, how do we get it inside a white cube gallery. Let’s see how that worked…

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