Summer Time CocktailsEvents, they are place-times where you meet with your friends and make fun of other people who look like too much or not enough, sometimes you start a really important conversation about something.  The band suddenly goes on and you have to keep your thoughts inside because your friends are now paying attention to whatever is on the stage and making eyes, so you keep it inside and actually think out the rest of the conversation as you think it should happen and what you should’ve /not done. By the time the lights go on or you exit the art party and your friend turns to ask what it is you were saying earlier (if they are nice), you feel so sublime at having everything figured out already that you just mention a cool place to get some whiskey, hot chocolate or mojitos and all of you spend the rest of the night laughing at things you did or will do.

March 9Brooklyn Fireproof is hosting a weekly Animal Party, not sure if this is a furry party or just a dress up, draw some whiskers party. If it’s the former, even better! Brooklyn Fireproof is at 119 Ingraham St (at Porter Ave), Brooklyn. Free, inexpensive drinks, free whiskey 10-11 PM.

March 10 – The punk chamber orchestra of The International Cannibals is taking over St Marks On Bowery with delirious wit, anti-psychotic entertainment, dancers and all fools, weirdos, geniuses and skeptics. 131 East 10th St (at 2nd Ave), New York. $10

March 11 - Yacht, MNDR and Bobby Birdman. Have you seen the following MNDR is getting lately? She opened for Wavves a few weeks ago and almost had more fans there than the headliners. Yacht is pretty sublime, here’s a video for “Psychic City”:

This takes place at Bowery Ballroom starting at 8PM. $13 if you plan ahead and get tickets or $15 the day you decide to go.

March 11 – TISWAS the long running NY party (“I was dancing when I was 12″ there) is now at Beauty Bar, this week is the Gorillaz record release listening party with Nic Marc, Jamie Burke and Spiky Phil on the ones and twos, and free, free! vodka bar from 10:30-11:30. Oh and Dr Photog will be on hand to take your awesome picture.  Free!

March 11 or 12 – The National gets the stage at the Bell House on both nights, doors open at 8PM. The National has been playing pretty big venues, and you probably already know all about them, if not, it’s a good rock fix for either night. The price is still to be determined by some equation that involves proximity to to the Gowanus canal divided by (previous large venues played + overall demand), I’d peg this to be around $15.

Here’s The National with a music video for “Mistaken For Strangers”:

March 12 - The irony-dripping, paint fume-perfumed letter announcing the Eastern District art opening promises to be “critical” about “free drinks and a live DJ” and to mediate a dispute about a parking lot in East Williamsburgania. The details are that you should be at 43 Bogart St. between  7 to 10 PM. To get there take the L train to the Morgan stop or drive, there is plenty of street parking.

Two of the group members are trying to out $ the artist known as Kei^ha with their own cash-related monikers: Ca$h and Bank$y (formerly known as Poster Boy, unless I misread this and his new moniker is literally Poster Boy Bank$y, I just don’t know sometimes).  Free.

March 13 - Dance Off with Jonathan Toubin and Ian Svenonius as a special guest. Better yet, this is the 3rd anniversary extravaganza of the Dance Off. The idea here is that you should bring dance moves to slay the judges and the crowd. At stake is a $200 championship prize; $2 svedka drinks are provided to help you loosen up your limbs. There will be vinyl sales, animal DJs, sexy MCs, suave DJs, animal MCs, sexy dancers, animal dancers and two rounds of competition. This will take place at Glasslands, 289 Kent Avenue, yeah, this one’s also in Brooklyn. $5 entry, $2 svedka thing-a-majig drinks.

This events roundup at the moment is too Brooklyn centric to my liking (it’s actually way too New York centric as well, but that’s another topic) but the week is just starting, so if you have other ideas send them along. I’ll update this a few more times after the art fairs hangover subsides from my eyes.