Murdoc the bassist is captured by bassist-lacking wankers, who attempt to squeeze the bass juice out of him to propel their own record to something other than #nein. The enemy are plenty, but the “heroes” have a thorough knowledge of the best vocal gunners in the business. Mos Def and Snoop Dogg join to deliver the wisdom, the type of wisdom that makes foe become friend as they realize that nothing is gained by blind following of a cult that captures adorable cartoons.  Even Mark E. Smith (of The Fall) and Lou Reed felt it a serious enough project to chime in with their vocal bits.

Dr. Seuss, The Jetsons and Ghost in the Shell themes are combined in this latest installment of the adventuresof 2D, Murdoc, Russel Hobbs and Noodle.

This is the first Gorillaz record that captain Damon Albarn produced himself (“his proud hisself”).  It’s obvious that he’s learned a lot from Dan The Automator on the Gorillaz and Danger Mouse on Demon Days releases, enough to make the first listen of this record sound no different then the others. However, screw that, on second listen, the sounds are much sloppier and slippier, the decisions made seem to be more intuitive, reactive even. The downside is that the vocal guests seem to fill in spots (and hostage negotations), rather then blend in seemlessly.

I don’t care, as I am still enthralled in trying to detangle the kidnapping plot. (Virgin)


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