Vancouver’s Hot Hot Heat has inked a deal with Dangerbird Records, and is now set to release its fourth studio album, Future Breeds, sometime this summer.

In a press statement, Dangerbird co-founder and CEO Jeff Castelaz stated, “Hot Hot Heat arrived on our doorstep with the best album of their career. When we heard the new record, we wanted them to be part of our gang. When we talked to them, and heard the determination and clarity of purpose in their voices, we had to have them.”

Lead singer Steve Bays was just as effusive about signing with the veteran Silver Lake, CA, label, stating, “Dangerbird got our vibe right away. Because of the kind of record we were making, we realized early on that we needed to finish the entire record before looking for a home for it, if they ‘got it,’ then we could talk. We are pretty thrilled.”

Hot Hot Heat’s last effort, Happiness Ltd., was released in September 2007.