Bike for you and your friends

Most young people will follow their ears to find the indie acts at SXSW and later Monterrey, Mexico and then later Florida and then later somewhere else, but lo and behold, even with all of the musicians gone, New York still has just as many acts in the upcoming week. It’s like this: infinity – infinity = infinity.

You and your friends should ride the bike in the photo to all of these events. Take many photos, send us some.


This is our calendar for that first music thing, not at all a work set in stone, it’s a work set in Google Calendar so will continue to be maleable.

NYC events:

March 17th

There are two powerHouse Arena events, one is tonight, Wednesday the 17th, Mary Gaitskill will be reading from her new novel Don’t Cry. Her sentences often would join seemingly unrelated parts of my mind with a whirl straight down to my gut.

The arena-like setting of the powerHouse Arena (the apropos named venture that puts on the events at powerHouse) definitely makes for a great stage for an author.


On March 24th, powerHouse Arena is celebrating the publication of The Brooklyn Navy Yard (put out by powerHouse books) with an exhibition of prints of the eponymous place. I haven’t seen them yet but seeing other prints and the place in person is sure to be more of a character than a background, single street corners there create animated film stills (whoa?).

powerHouse Books is at 37 Main st, Brooklyn

March 18th

Charles Sabba: If You Don’t Want Your Thoughts Stolen Don’t Open Your Mind – a detective (one would imagine a debonair one) and an artist, this exhibit is of literally finger painted works done on FBI and New Jersey police department fingerprint cards. The irony and the visual are both twistedly delicious. The exhibit coincides with the 20th anniversary of the Boston Gardner Museum robbery, the largest art heist in history.

6 – 9 PM

355A Bowery, (basement), 917 721 4539 / 212 228 2880
March 18 – April 18, 2010

March 20th

Design Thinking is Design Doing
A design exhibition at Eyelevel BQE curated by Gianpaolo Fusari

Eyelevel BQE

[Correction: This post has been updated to reflect the correct, non residential building, location of powerHouse Books as well as to introduce the distinction between powerHouse Books, the publishing arm, and powerHouse Arena, the event coordination side of the business. Thank you to the commenter Daniel Power, who, we suspect, may have a lot to do with both of the ventures.]

  1. Readings: We’re at 37 Main; 30 Main is the nice landed gentry at Sweeney condo. FYI events are held by powerHouse Arena; the photo books are published by powerHouse Books. Two sides of one coin.


    zabatay Reply:

    @Daniel Power, thank you for the correction of the address to powerHouse (I’m embarrassed) as well as the additional info about the business (I’m enlightened). I’ve updated the post to reflect both, hopefully everyone found their way to tonight’s reading.