Submissions like this one make us want to start publishing physical issues of our magazine full tilt, and we’re working on that. The online format allow a much wider readership and a multimedia approach but so often it misses lush details such as the ones found  in these paintings. I’ve asked just a few questions of Rinat Shingareev, the painter, and we translated the responses to include as an accompaniment to his painting.

President ObamaSome of these figures inspire fear and bemusement, they also instill calm with their presence and amuse us with their behavior. Through the eyes of Rinat they are friends to celebrate, understand and use for pop-iconographic work. [Ed.'s Note: we've also included the answers in Russian to allow reading of the original text]

Zabatay: I’d like to hear more about your philosophy behind the pieces. Is Mr. Bush hugging the Easter bunny because he is looking for weapons in his eggs? In his insides? Why is Prince Charles such a cock?

Rinat:  For every one of my pieces, I start with the idea that my art should bring only positive emotions. I’m an observer who comments on everything that surrounds him, turning this mix of saturated colors, unusual situations and familiar personalities into pop-art iconography. This brings about the success of my work. Every day these faces appear before us in newspapers, TV screens, their voices are on the radio and their ideas are in the news we read online. I invite you to look at these unapproachable personalities from a different point of view, one which reveals their human qualities. I’d like to underscore that I have nothing but respect to the personalities in my paintings, and that I do not render political beliefs through my work.

Каждую свою работу я начинаю с идеи, что мое искусство должно приносить людям только положительные эмоции. Я, словно наблюдатель, которые комментирует все происходящее вокруг него, превращая микс из ярких насыщенных красок, необычных ситуаций, и всем знакомых персонажей – в иконы Поп-арта. В этом и заключается успех моих произведений. День изо дня, они сопровождают нас на страницах газет и экранах телевидения, в программах по радио и новостях в интернете. В своих же картинах, я предлогаю взглянуть, на казалось бы, недоступных персонажей с другой стороны – со стороны людей, которым присущи все человеческие качества. Я хотел бы подчеркнуть, что ко всем персонажам моих работ, я отношусь с уважением и большой симпатией, и я ни в коем случае, не выражаю свою политическую точку зрения через мои картины.

Tiger Woods

I invite you to look at these unapproachable personalities from a different point of view, one which reveals their human qualities.

Zabatay: What is your biography and art background?

My art education career began in Russia, I finished a fine arts school where I took a multitude of courses, from interior design to web design. These years also involved a lot of gallery shows of my paintings. Later on, I continued my education in Italy, where I finished with honors the Fine Art Academy. From there I continued painting and exhibiting in group shows through out Italy, Germany and Austria. My work is done with oils on canvas and I’ve appeared in many Italian magazines. [Ed Note: Indeed Italian Maxim named Rinat one of the most talented artists in the world]

Rinat: Моя художественная карьера начинается в России, где я закончил художественную школу и различные курсы от interior design до web design. Эти года мне запомнились участием в многочисленных выставках живописи. Далее я продолжил свою учебу в Италии, где с отличием закончил Художественную Академию Изящных Искусств. Здесь же, я и продолжаю свою художественную карьеру, участвуя в коллективных выставках как в Италии, так и в Германии и Австрии. Мои работы, написанные маслом на холсте, были опубликованы во многих итальянских журналах.

President Bush

Vladimir Putin

Update: This post was updated with additional information on the magazines that have chosen to cover Rinat Shingareevs work as well as to correct the last name of the artist (that one is very embarrassing, but a clarification is better than a mistake).