Though it’s difficult to write a news item about her without mentioning “supermodel” and “Jack White’s wife,” the stunningly beautiful Karen Elson is set to release her debut album, The Ghost Who Walks, on May 25th, via Third Man/XL Recordings.

All composed in her adopted hometown of Nashville (where, consequently, Third Man’s HQ is located), the lovely 11 songs that populate The Ghost Who Walks were penned “almost exclusively in the sanctuary of a closet in her bedroom.” And the story goes that Elson “took many months of cajoling” from White before she felt comfortable enough to introduce her famous husband to her own works. It obviously took only mere moments before White was determined to helm the production, and get his wife to the studio.

The band that was formed for the Ghost sessions were close friends, as the Third Man family is wont to do. Elson’s own Citizen’s Band collaborator Rachelle Garniez provided accordian and additional vocals, White again sat behind the drum kit, Jack Lawrence (The Raconteurs/Dead Weather) was on bass, My Morning Jacket’s Carl Broemel took to the pedal steel, and Jackson Smith (aka Meg White’s husband) sat in on guitar.

Combining her loves of Tim Egan’s The Worst Hard Time (“100 Years From Now” and “Mouths To Feed),” country music (“Cruel Summer”), blues (“The Truth is in the Dirt”) and quite possibly murder ballads (“Stolen Roses”), The Ghost Who Walks is yet another jewel in Elson’s already fearsome and inspiring crown.


Track List for The Ghost Who Walks:
  1. The Ghost Who Walks    
  2. The Truth Is The Dirt
  3. Pretty Babies
  4. Lunasa
  5. 100 Years From Now
  6. Stolen Roses
  7. Cruel Summer
  8. Garden
  9. The Birds They Circle
  10. A Thief At My Door
  11. The Last Laugh
  12. Mouths To Feed