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Drink Up Buttercup – ‘Born and Thrown on a Hook’

Born and Thrown on a Hook, the raucously joyful debut album from Philadelphia quartet Drink Up Buttercup is a veritable bonfire of infectious gypsy carnival spirit and buoyant, cacophonous kitchen-sink arrangements that beg for a road trip just to experience this gem in its full bloom.

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Ghost Society at Littlefield, 03.21.10

Ghost Society made their U.S. live debut at Brooklyn’s Littlefield on Sunday. Even with half of the band having just arrived from Copenhagen a few hours earlier and suffering from sleep deprivation, the Danish indie rockers still managed to smoothly sail through a fairly upbeat set with only a few minor sound glitches.

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She & Him – ‘Volume Two’

Like a snapshot of Laurel Canyon as the sun sets on a beautiful summer’s day, She & Him’s Volume Two is a lush, inviting world of dusk and dew. It’s the heavenly picturesque atmosphere we all imagine: the last rays cutting through the trees, and the magic of sitting down to dinner with close friends on the patio with a nice bottle of red.

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