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Events To Go And Do It At

The fresh and smiling sock in this photograph would like to tell you all about some of the DIY and non-DIY events around town this week. Socks get all of the best info from the sock-wire.

Wednesday, March 24th

Bushwick Festival kicks off at Don Pedros so DIY on your own two feet and find someone to DIWY there.

8PM is the art opening

24 Mar 2010 | More

Former Panic! at the Disco Members Form The Young Veins

Former Panic at the Disco members Ryan Ross and Jon Walker have announced that their new band, the Young Veins, will release its debut studio effort, Take a Vacation! on June 8 via One Haven Music.

24 Mar 2010 | More

Tegan and Sara to Release ‘Alligator’ Remix Album, Tour with Paramore

On March 30, Tegan and Sara will release a 17-track remix album for “Alligator,” the second single off of their most recent effort, Sainthood. Featuring a drool-worthy roster of indie all-stars such as TV on the Radio’s Dave Sitek…

24 Mar 2010 | More