Smiling Sock

The fresh and smiling sock in this photograph would like to tell you all about some of the DIY and non-DIY events around town this week. The sock get’s all of the best info from the sock-wire.

Wednesday, March 24th

Bushwick Festival kicks off at Don Pedros so DIY on your own two feet and find someone to DIWY there.

8PM is the art opening

Jake Messing
Matt Clark
Neil Enggist
Erik Pye

9PM are the bands

Nite Club
Miss Jilly
DJ Adat


The full lineup and venues for Bushwick Festival are pretty damn extensive and I won’t re-list the rest here, they can be easily found on this handy website

Thursday, March 25th

Straight from SXSW, the Aussies come to entertain and feed the masses of New York. There are many, many great bands a couple just on their first visit to our shores and there will be free Australian BBQ. I’ll repeat in caps FREE AUSTRALIAN STYLE BBQ.

6 PM – 1 AM

The Bell House (map)

Tickets available at


Paul Dempsey –
Pets With Pets –
The Chevelles –
Sherlock’s Daughter
Children Collide –
Oh Mercy –
Love Of Diagrams –
Crayon Fields –
City Riots –
Beaches –
Bliss N Eso –
Goons of Doom


Over at The Delancey (map) at 10:30 are Andee Blacksuger, Shane Smith, Eric 13 and Owen McArthy. This show is free and the space is still, admit, pretty variably kick-ass, maybe you’re rock or maybe you’re hip-hop but everyone likes a palm tree.


Friday March 26th

I’m not contractually obligated to post a Glasslands event every week, they just happen to catch my eye. Maybe I should get a contract with them instead of, apologizing for agreeing with their line-up.

So, this Friday we have a  dance and fun party at Glasslands (map) with Bear Hands with Lissy Truille, Acrylics and Pocket Knife and DJ Holy Ghost.

Go RSVP at for reduced admission of $12, that is a cost of a beer, at least.


Saturday, March 27th

Last minute add, Kid Kongo is turning 51 and the birthday party features a great line-up:

Tommy Volume at 9PM (5 minutes from now, run!)
K-Holes at 10PM
Stalkers at 11PM
The Pink Monkey Birds at 12am

DJs Jonathan Toubin and Josh Styles are on the one-twos after the bands.
At Secret Project Robot
$10 ($5 after the bands)

Pretty rad after hours party, it’s been building up pretty well and now that it’s no longer disgusting outside will continue for the better.
I’m not putting the info on the website though, I think it’s kinda rude when people do that. Email for info.