It’s a royal return to the rock world for Courtney Love with Hole’s next album, Nobody’s Daughter, as the official cover artwork and tracklisting have just been confirmed. From what we’ve seen of Love and the band live at SXSW so far, they are well on their way to being primed, tight and ready to go. First single “Skinny Little Bitch” is already burning up rock radio, which is an upgrade from Twitter posts she makes burning up the press.

Nobody’s Daughter is to be released April 27th, 2010 on Mercury Records.

Nobody’s Daughter track listing:

1. Nobody’s Daughter
2. Skinny Little Bitch
3. Honey
4. Pacific Coast Highway
5. Samantha
6. Someone Else’s Bed
7. For Once in Your Life
8. Letter to God
9. Loser Dust
10. How Dirty Girls Get Clean
11. Never Go Hungry

Tour dates and other info here: www.holerock.net/