Painting by Rinat Shingareev

Thursday April 1st


ForTheBeat has a band line-up at Home Sweet Home (map) starting at 8PM, all with an open Svedka vodka bar from 8-9, so that should get people there right on time and packed three-deep with Svedkas. Playing tonight are:

Hooray For Earth (myspace)
Coma Cinema (myspace)
Sunglasses (myspace)
The Royal Chains (myspace)

Here’s a mix of all of the bands to lick your chops to.

8 – whenever (let’s say 1 AM)


Brazilians Garotas Suecase play with Golden Triangle, Rev Vince Anderson (is unable to perform) Total Slacker and Jonathan Toubin at the Knitting Factory Brooklyn (map), which is right next to Spuyten Duyvil, one of the best places with a catchy foreign name in Brooklyn to get a great beer.  I suggest stopping by both.

8 PM – 1 AM

$8 advance (purchase tickets) – $10 at the door.

Opening at Metro Pictures (map) for Andre Butzer titled “Nicht fürchten! Don’t be scared!” This is the first of two German artists participating in this week’s exhibitions, these works are garish and musical. Expect huge canvases filled with thick, dripping layers of paint.


6-8 PM


Dumbo is going to be full of openings for their monthly First Thursday series, here’s your starter: At the Dumbo Arts Center (map) a screening of “Joy Division” by Nebojsa Seric-Shoba (that’s missing a few accents) will take place from 5:30 PM – 8:30 PM. The video was taken directly outside of the gallery at the Brooklyn Bridge park (the small one that’s close to Manhattan Bridge) in it the performer sings Passover by the band Joy Division (small, non-Brooklyn-based band that you may already know). Anyway, this will be a great start to the walk-about. The head a little in to Front St. and investigate the large buildings for more to-dos.

All openings are generally from 5:30 – 9PM


Friday April 2nd

Opening at the, oh so literally named, Storefront (map) for Deborah Brown’s “The Bushwick Paintings“. These are full of delicious grit, expertly presented in these photo-realistic canvases.


6-10 PM


Another opening at The Boiler, the larger space of the seminal Pierogi Gallery (map) for Dawn Clements’ show called, gasp, “Boiler”! Hers are intricate drawings that to reference a popular at the moment Alice In Wonderland (it is actually always popular). She is also currently on view at the Whitney Biennial.


7-10 PM


Saturday April 3rd

A nice day, one of the most spring-like so far, so there will be lots to do in the parks and on the streets, but you don’t really need me to tell you that, do you?

Bushwick Schlacht! “Germany vs. USA” in a painting pop-up show at 245 Boerum (map). This is the second German participation in the arts this week, in this case a DJ battle set approach was picked to pit the two group artists against each other, obviously as in soccer the winners will next be pitted against the Italian team.


7-10 PM


Sunday April 4th

There’s Easter. Do you celebrate Easter? Some do and some don’t but in both cases, by nightfall, we all need some dirty punk, so here it is! The LA punk band LAMPS play at Monster Island Basement (map). They will crash, slash and brash the basement down. I vaguely remember that northern Italians traditionally cook a rabbit for Easter. That would be rather morbid (or punk) in the here and now. Italians are the oldest punks.


Wednesday April 7th


I’m a big fan of both Electric Tickle Machines and Zoos Of Berlin after having met them at this very venue, Market Hotel the show has been moved to Shea Stadium (map), hell we’re a big fan of them, so this Wednesday is a more focused reprise of the line-up. Both bands have toured extensively around the great US and appeared in radio shows, magazines and hearts across this nation. Go see them, the show starts at 8PM.


The show had to be moved because according to some intel we received, Market Hotel is temporarily shut down because a few girls had their purses stolen at the venue. They did a fairly prudent thing of reporting the theft to the local police precinct who responded by shutting down the venue as it, allegedly, in their words: “brings up the average crime rate in Bushwick.” I hope Market Hotel reopens soon, as it is a grand venue for the music and art scene, and I hope that the average crime rate in Bushwick goes to nill. Also, folks, ladies and gents, this is still and always will be New York, quit leaving your purses around, in the likely words of any beat cop: ” ’tis dumb”.

8PM – 12AM



A group photo show called “Younger Than I’ll Be” seeks to examine New York and its function in the youth culture and change. Youths like change, and New York seems to either not care to prevent it or more likely willing to present it, facilitating the hives and staving off boredom and stagnation.

This show will be at the Natman Room, BAM, Peter Sharp Building (map) and the opening reception will run from 6-8 PM.

6-8 PM

(Some photos via AnimalNY, Facebook, if uncredited contact the author of this post)