Beloved British singer-songwriter Ed Harcourt is set to release his fifth studio album, Lustre, on June 15 via the Nice Music Group/Piano Wolf Recordings.

Recorded in the farther reaches of Washington State, north of Seattle, at Bear Creek Studios, Harcourt brought on co-producer Ryan Hadlock as well as guest vocalists the Langley Sisters for the project. Of Lustre, Harcourts reveals the following in a press statement: “It’s an album about action, life, the lustre that you have in your eyes when you feel you’re living for something. If my last album was weighed-down, like an anchor, this one is a buoy.”

With album standouts “”Heart of a Wolf,” “Fears Of A Father,” “Do As I Say Not As I Do” and the title track, fans should expect Lustre to be “both robust and aerodynamic, illustrating Harcourt’s remarkable musical chops, distinctive, engaging voice and his gift for arrangements.”

(Photo credit: Steve Gullick)