The Places Between: The Best of Doves is both a milestone and retrospective for the beloved U.K. trio. Despite the contrived “best of” making it sound like the boys have kicked the industry bucket, they are still knee-deep in their successful career. It’s easy to forget that Doves were formed as an offset of Sub Sub, their Hacienda-friendly electronica outfit from the early 90s which soon forayed into what they are today. Never lacking on the Mancunian-music front, brothers Andy and Jez Williams and Jimi Goodwin forged a musical bond that goes deeper than making the charts or gaining global recognition. Although both have occurred, Doves have managed to craft a sound that isn’t trendy, tiring and most of all, is definitive of what makes up a quality band; and millions of pint-swaggering punters will tell you the same thing.

This album will take a die-hard or a newbie on a ten-year journey, from the days of “Catch the Sun” to Kingdom of Rust, travelling through time with the thud-pounding drumbeats, dreamy riffs and Goodwin’s reassuring vocals. Divided into two discs, the first reps the hits while the latter delves deeper into the B-sides, unreleased tracks and rarities that are more delicate with a lo-fi, crystalline edge. What makes this double-threat just as majestic are three new tracks: “Andalucia,” “Drifter” and “Blue Water,” which are just as grand as their sister tracks but let it be known that Doves haven’t flown the coup. (Astralwerks/Heavenly Recordings) -Andrea D’Alessandro