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How to Destroy Angels Already Making Waves

The woman is clearly pretty. Dark hair, high-collared leather jacket. Slightly pensive, thousand-yard stare, despite the black bar of neener-neener. But is it the work of the marriage between Trent Reznor and wife Mariqueen Maandig? The gossip mill is burning up with fevered discussion.

27 Apr 2010 | 86 comments | More

Hole – ‘Nobody’s Daughter’

Rocketing out of the crypt like she always has, Courtney Love is back with a new Hole. Though she is the only founding member present on Nobody’s Daughter, the group was really always about the life and times of Courtney Love, anyway. This go ’round, the cultural firebrand is post-rehab, post everything, post meta, post irony, post career, mid-social media mania, and still selling the drama like no one else.

27 Apr 2010 | 3 comments | More