Friday 4/30

Gallery Opening: Faile

For your neon and video games spritzer fix, add the opening of the Faile collective at 158 Allen St. Do I not sound like a graffiti-enabled publicist now? I’ll be there, still not anywhere close to being over-the-rasterized neon pop image on large scale objects and Les Savy Fav sounds.

(image via Gothamist)

7-11 PM


Fashion Party: Faux Fashion and Dance Crashin’

A hundred or so people will be watching the walk of the cat and paying attention to what that or this cat is wearing at The House Of Yes. There will be some felines to spin good music. More to the tune, there will be great people looking for people who are better than them and everyone will talk. Think of this as speed dating without the psychic cost of speed or the pressure of dating.


The fashion is by Kae Burke, Papusza Couture, Lolli Popitt, Third Earth Designs, Emma Emma, AlienNation, Xango by Jessi Klein and Celso de la Blanca, the electro-pop is by Tayisha Busa and the rest is by the resident aerialist crew of The House Of Yes. Seriously, this place is called The House Of Yes. There are more trapezes than doorman, so I need not say more, to some of you this will be attractive.


$10 (for the show) or $5 after for the dancing.

Saturday 05/01

Get Dressed: McCarren Park Market

Tons of purveyors from the Artists and Fleas are starting their summer season of bringing to you, the unwashed masses the wear and tear and treasure at the McCarren Park. Bonus: there is Turkey’s Nest near by to get you through all of the decisions.



Music With: Electric Tickle Machine, Kid Congo, K-Holes, Jonathan Toubin

K-Holes are a Golden Triangles spin-off, if I may say that, although Vashti would probably object to that nomenclature. Electric Tickle Machine, who I can’t get enough of, terminally focused is the term I was taught to use in Music Anonymous.

This is happening at a blessing of a new venue called Shangri-La. Some of you have been going there for the after hours for a while, well it’s time to ruin that fun and make this thing real. There will be burlesque, new art projects, and even the line-up is long enough to fill this entire post. Here it is: Shangri-La.


$12 (unlimited beer and wine!)