Cool off in a grassy expanse after work on Wednesdays as you toss the frisbee, eat from an evening picnic basket, hear some exotic tunes.  Two of NYC’s downtown, sprawling apartment complexes, Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village, will present their fourth, free Music on the Oval summer concert series, starting June 16th and running through July 21st.  An international mix of rock, funk, reggae, and soul will take the stage on consecutive Wednesday nights on the well-groomed lawns of the Stuyvesant Town Oval at 7:00 p.m. Each week will start with a different pre-show DJ each night (spinning at 6pm), to be followed by a line-up to include the Easy Star All-Stars, Delorean, Tony Allen and Juana Molina.  See below for the full band schedule.

The Stuyvesant Town Oval is located between 16th and 18th Streets and Avenues A & B, with the entrance off of First Avenue and 16th Street.  For more information the public can call (212) 598-5296 or visit and

Music on the Oval 2010 Schedule

June 16 – Tony Allen, w/ DJ Sal P

In the 1970s, Nigerian drumming legend Tony Allen helped his infamous band-leader Fela Kuti invent Afro-Beat; and over the ensuing decades, Allen has lent his rhythmic prowess to dance music, alt-rock, and dub, while continuing to explore his original jazz-funk-highlife love. Best known as a member of seminal New York band Liquid Liquid, Sal P now DJs records that cross-sect disco’s inferno and Lagos’ heat.

June 23 – Juana Molina, w/Treehouse DJs

Originally a sketch comedy actress on Argentinean television, Juana Molina is now an acclaimed global musician who delivers a beautiful mix of Latin folk-pop and alternative ambient music. Sets by the Treehouse DJs (Raspberry Jones and Treeboy) invite audiences to “climb up and get down,” jumbling worldly styles and beats.

June 30 – Marc Ribot y Los Cubanos Postizos with La Cumbiamba eNeYe, w/ DJ Uproot Andy

Electric guitarist Marc Ribot has performed alongside greats such as Tom Waits, Beck and John Zorn, and has developed a reputation as one of the finest and most versatile musicians in New York; with Cubanos Postizos and Cumbiamba eNeYe, he dives into his special interpretations of Afro-Latin grooves. Co-founder of the long-running NYC weekly Que Bajo?!, Uproot Andy is among the city’s foremost electro-cumbia DJs.

July 7 – Delorean, w/ DJ Brennan Green

The Barcelona quartet Delorean has created a masterful explosion of indie-rock and electronic dance music, particularly with their recent American debut Subiza, that’s attracted an audience of shoegaze fans and ravers alike. New York’s resident space-disco master Brennan Green will start the evening off.

July 14 – Naomi Shelton & the Gospel Queens, w/ DJ Greg Caz

Alabama’s own Naomi Shelton was once regarded as a secret queen of soul and known only to hardcore collectors of lost funk 45s.  A Friday night residency at Manhattan’s Fat Cat club, and a record on the Daptone label, exposed Shelton and her Brooklyn Gospel Queens for the world to admire. One-half of the Brazilian Beat Brooklyn DJ team, Greg Caz spins a set of gospel tunes.

July 21 – Easy Star All-Stars, w/DJ Wrong Tom

Easy Star All-Stars returns to the Stuy Town stage for the fourth year with a reggae-dub-jam take on classic Beatles, Pink Floyd and Radiohead tunes. New Easy Star DJ Wrong Tom, a Brit with an ingenious mix of dub, jungle and bashment riddims, will join in the tradition this year.

  1. This is not just a public park. This is a residence. What if we, the residents, don’t like what’s played? It’s literally outside our windows so we have no choice but to hear it. It would be ok if the music was always great, but music is subjective so it’s never going to be great for everyone – in fact there were a couple of time last years where I distinctly remember feeling that it was very unpleasant.


    branan Reply:

    @Cof, There has been someone jack hammering bricks off the side of the building outside my window for several months now. Know what I did about it? I asked myself, “what other kinds of problems are there in the world? Is this one worth getting upset over?” I then recounted the endless news stories of genocides, oil spills, forced enslavement, the degradation of the environment, etc. Suddenly, a little noise outside my window seems like an incredibly selfish and petty thing to be bothered by. I am not the center of the universe – and neither are you.


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