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This week Lebanon represents with a film festival and Tarek Atoui’s residency at the New Museum. New York represents with a Gallery Week, and ?The Real Bushwick? So many questions! Well, it is not answers that drive us forward, it is questions that we are yet to ask, so are you ready to go live?

May 5th – May 12th
Film Festival: “The Calm After The Storm: Making Sense Of Lebanon’s Civil War”

Lebanon, is a country perpetually torn and re-cut by the edits of internal and the general Middle Eastern politics. It’s at once the most poetic, brutal and balanced nation in the region, and without a doubt has been quietly rebuilding after the last cut (pick all: Civil War, the July War, the perennial suicide attacks) to become the forefront of artistic and philosophical discourse in the border between the East and the West.

The film festival is at the Walter Reade Theater, browse the full line-up is here.

General public tickets, more info on tickets and where to buy them on the ArteEast website.

Walter Reade Theater is at 165 West 65th Street, New York, NY
$12 for a single screening or
$24 for three films

May 6th
Music: Tarek Atoui performs Un-Drum at the New Museum, 7PM
Lebanon is attacking us…with the Arts. In a reprise of his Un-Drum performance back in July of 2009, Tarek Atoui is again performing at the New Museum.

Tarek’s work is not specifically geographical.  Music, after all, is the very abstract in its definition, and he’s been experimenting all around with clicks, glitches, melodies, orchestras and spaces around Lebanon, France, German, and the States Of North America to name some.

What you should know:

  • This performance is called Un-Drum.
  • It’s a part of the Get Weird series at the New Museum.
  • He’s trustworthy: a few years ago, in a phone call, he distilled every problem I had into one of meaningful choice, and also told me where to find a good music scene in a new city.

New Museum is at 235 Bowery, New York, NY 10002

Tarek Atoui also performs at the Silent Barn, this venue is a subject of my many dreams. This show is together with Silk Flowers and starts at 8pm.

915 Wyckoff Ave at Weirfield, Ridgewood Queens

May 7th
Future Archaeology 7-10 PM

This art exhibit makes information technology sexy with a live one-night only view of a budding cybernetic ecosystem. Expect tons of sexy fireflies, sexy trees, sexy post-mezozoic super fast coral systems.  Why so much sexy? Because it’s  not creation without some fun!

The artists behind this are a lovely quintet with a pretty varied background, some lean toward the information systems and media corner like Heather Dewey-Hagborg, others Ellie Irons are more, um, let’s say organic in their exploration of life and it’s systems. Together, however they are transforming the Firehouse 212 space into Tron for the steam punk generation.

Firehouse 212 at 134 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
7-10 PM


Check out this series presenting young, very up and very coming talents of Bushwick. Mixing the cultural fabric of old and new, there will be fashion with ripping beats, rhymes of hip-hop and patterns of dance.

Featuring so, so many performers, I will spell out a few, the full details are found on the Myspace for Representing NYC.

  • Dayz De Empora liquid hip-hop, our of the control
  • J.D. Nero elevated and in the control (website)
  • United Systems Fashion Collective are doing live screen-printing to celebrate the release of their line together with the Bread & Butter Collective

You will have to go through a metal detector to get to this performance as it is in I.S. 291, a school in Brooklyn. Were this 13 years ago, I would could have emphasized how gnarly this is, but now we’re all living inside metal detecting blocks, and the review from 2005 on this school from the Inside Schools Review summarizes most of daily life:

“IS 291 is one of the saddest schools we’ve ever seen. The day of our visit, students cursed and belittled adults and one another.”

Let’s quit that habit and curse each only on a stage where everyone can take it.

I.S. 291 231 Palmetto st, Brooklyn

May 8th

Rick Owens, the bold fashion master of edgiest black and white, branches out to furniture, which may just as ancient/future-inspired as his clothing, but perhaps not as assymetrical.  The show, “PAVANE FOR A DEAD PRINCESS,” opens at Salon 94 this Saturday.

According to Owens, he has visited New York only once in the last seven years, when his shop opened in 2008. The Paris-based designer does plan to attend his furniture exhibition opening at Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn’s Salon 94 gallery, so expect hordes of fans. Included in his exhibit are items such as an alabaster replica of his bedroom (sounds uncomfortable?), marble daybeds and chairs with antlers.

Salon 94, 12 E. 94th St., (646) 672-9212. Opening 6-8 p.m. Through Jun. 25.


May 7th-12th
Art: New York Gallery Week

Before everyone jets off to their abandoned condo by the lake or their warm cardboard box by the Manhattan bridge, the gallerists are all making a final impression on the season this week with, you guessed it, New York Gallery Week. Pretty much every gallery is having an opening brought to you by Franzia “Sweet Hobo” Rosé and Gallo “Stocks Are In The” red wines from a box and you the viewer win, because you can go and view all the wonderful stuff that our peers have been working on.

Times vary but all openings are free.

Some notables are below, for the full schedule always consult ArtCat.

  • May 12-26 In Dumbo, Brooklyn in conjunction with Power House Events is the New York Photo Festival. Our very own photographer Scott Irvine’s work is in this show in the section curated by Lou Reed. Times vary.
  • May 8th, T.J.Wilcox at Metro Pictures presents three films in his individual (ego), ephemeral (good looking) and eccentric (personable) style.  6-8PM
  • May 8th, Get Lost! recreates the subway scape in history, a look back in time at what the subway stops would have been called had the time stood still when Henry Hudson first sailed past the isle of Mannhatta.

Contact us with any event information at