Opening at New York’s Scandinavia House on May 5 is the Swedish Institute’s fashion-centered exhibition, Eco Chic: Towards Sustainable Fashion. This traveling exhibition (stops so far have included Berlin, Kiev and Istanbul) aims to raise awareness of the destructiveness of the current textile industry while educating consumers on more eco-friendly alternatives. The installation showcases Swedish fashion designers who are taking an environmentally friendly and ethical approach to their work as they create some very stylish clothing.

The garments exhibited range from elegant high fashion to hip street wear. Designers participating in the exhibition include Anya Hynynen, Bergman’s, Camilla Norrback, Dem Collective, Johanna Hofring, Julian Red, Nudie, Pia Anjou, Reflective Circle, Righteous Fashion, Swedish Hasbeens, and Zion.


Coat by Julian Red


Design by Dem Collective


Dress by Anya Hynynen


Dress by Johanna Hofring

The opening event on Tuesday included a symposium with a panel of American and Swedish sustainable fashion experts and designers, one who likened the sustainable fashion movement to the slow food movement. Slow fashion!

There were more than a few fashionably dressed people and plenty of über cool shoes to be seen. The reception afterwards featured music from DJs Markus Görsch (of Love Is All, from Sweden) and Gary Olson (of Ladybug Transistor and Marlborough Farms), who added another element of cool with groovy indie rock tunes. As the weather was also nice, Scandinavia House opened their back 2nd-floor patio, so people we able to wander outside and take in the spring air.

Eco Chic will be on view until August 21. –Teresa Sampson, Photos by Tear-n Tan