My second glam-rock show of the year, and who other than Michael Monroe, once the Hanoi Rocks frontman, as the perfect entertainer to grace the toy-sized stage at John Varvatos? Yes, the John Varvatos store on Bowery, which makes sense in a way, since the space was once home to the famed CBGBs.

Cleared away were the clothes racks and cash registers, and instead, fans were whisked into what felt like a bona fide, downtown NYC club. Empty space eventually led one to the far end of the room where the 10-inch stage, prepped with gear, was surrounded by walls stacked with loudspeakers.

Performing an early set, Monroe’s band, known as the Michael Monroe Band, came out on stage ready to put their balls to the wall and all energy into a spectacular glam-punk show. Decked out in black and a pair of snake-skin white loafers, Monroe was, as always, the quintessential glam god, complete with eye makeup, star-shaped earrings and assorted jewelry.

Monroe took over the tiny stage, dancing nonstop, jumping on monitors, careening off the stage, and performing his trademark splits… thanks to his lycra pants and incredible flexibility. At one point, Monroe bumped his head on an overhanging speaker while leaping onto an amp, only to finish the piece off with his trademark splits. What showmanship!


Monroe performed to a diverse crowd ranging from young musicians, middle-aged punters, misfits, tight-clothed females, average Joes, and Debbie Harry. Yes, the legendary Blondie frontwoman was in attendance.

The night ended on a sweaty and humid note, followed by an afterparty. Being the old fogey that I am, I went home. My knees were killing me! –Tear-n Tan, Photos by Tear-n Tan

  1. There was mistake in the article: The name of the band is not “Michael Monroe Band”, but it’s simply “Michael Monroe”. Just in the same way that “Alice Cooper” is a person and a band too.