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Interpol Announces Club Tour

It’s “Lights” on and back to reality for Interpol this week. First the sad news of founding bassist Carlos Dengler exiting the band (“to follow another path”) came across the wires just days ago, and now the New York post-punk heroes have announced a slew of headlining dates…

12 May 2010 | More

Holy Fuck: Just Don’t Ask About the Name!

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If you ever want to gather Toronto’s Holy Fuck into a cozy label office before noon to chat, and they’re just coming down from post-tour jet lag, be prepared for much more than idle chatter about their music. When we met to talk about their bangingly optimistic new album, Latin, hilarity ensued…

12 May 2010 | More

A Couple Of Ways Of Keeping Up With Sentimentalist

Keep up with us and find your video.

12 May 2010 | More